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Waldemar Schultz (CT)

Waldemar Schultz (CT)

Artist Profile

Actor, Presenter, Voice Artist, Director


Date of Birth: 21 April 1970

Height: 1.76m  Hair Colour: Brown  Eye Colour: Brown


Languages: Afrikaans, English

Skills: Presenting, Voice Artist, MC, Directing



Waldemar Schultz grew up in Milnerton near Cape Town, where he showed a great love for acting and the theatre from a very early age, taking part in as many school theatre productions as possible. This love eventually ripened into a career choice, and led him to study Drama at the University of Stellenbosch, where he achieved a Master?s degree in Drama, and taught acting from 1992 to 1994.

During his time as a student at Stellenbosch, he wasrecipient of the prestigious Fleur du Cap theatre award for the Most Promising Student (as well as two nominations inprevious years for the same award), and was also awarded the sought-after University of Stellenbosch Drama Department?s Dux Prize for the highest standard of work upheld over the course of four years' study for a degree in drama. Later, while a Master's Degree student, he would also lecture in acting at the university.

While still a graduate student, he began a freelance career in voice dubbing and radio dramas for the SABC, and would eventually go on to become a dubbing director for Quantum Productions for a while. Between 1991 and 2001, he also busied himself acting in and/or directing (and sometimes writing) many theatre projects for different companies including PACT, CAPAB, Spektrum Productions and Blond Productions.

His first role in a television series was as Klein-Geoff in the 1994 series, Woestynblom, followed by Paul Kruger in the CCV youth drama Young Vision. Smaller cameo roles in Hagenheim: Streng Privaat,  Soutmansland and Arsenaal followed, but most of his time was taken up with voice work, corporate and children?s theatre and commercials ? until, from the year 2000, the role of Jan-Hendrik Terreblanche in Sewende Laan became more-or-less a full-time occupation. Where possible, he still likes to do small voice and MC jobs, and pines for a little theatre work! He appeared in the movie Stander.

He was married in 1996 to Ira Blanckenberg. They met as students in Ira's first year, but it was not until her final year when he was a post-graduate student (and, in a very roundabout way, one of her lecturers) that they at last "found each other". She is a preparatory school drama teacher and freelance actress (Erika Landsberg in Sewende Laan, Petra in Binnelanders, Shay inEgoli), and together they are the inordinately proud parents of two children: a son, Kieran (b. 1999) and a daughter, Dhania (b. 2002).

Kieran is also a budding actor, and has had several roles in film, commercials and television, and is currently contracted to Egoli as Walt. While Dhania loves ballet lessons and school concerts, and has expressed an interest in (if not enthusiasm for) trying her hand at an audition or two, she appears to be reserving judgement for the time being. She has not decided where her calling is... but given that she probably has a good 20 years to figure this out, it is not yet cause for concern!

Waldemar has few hobbies: he enjoys photography, but will never proclaim himself to be any more than an enthusiastic amateur in the field. He is very enamoured of his computer and laptop, which provide him endless hours of entertainment and frustration, in equal amounts... He can waste hours on internet chat and messenger conversations with his brother, Denzil. He is plagued by the knowledge that he will have to grow up one day, but fervently hopes it will not be too soon.

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