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Vuyiswa Sipoko

Vuyiswa Sipoko

Artist Profile

Actress, Dancer


Date of Birth: 27 November 1994

Height: 1.64m  Hair: Black  Eyes: Brown

Languages: English, Sesotho

Skills: Physical Theatre, Accents: (British, Nigerian)


Vuyiswa is a multi-talented artistic young woman, she was born on the 27th of November 1994 in Eastern Cape and later moved to Johannesburg. This Sagittarian started showing artistic value at the young age of thirteen. She continued to study drama and visual arts in high school and matriculated in 2013 at Dominican Convent School. Vuyiswa was persistent in advancing her love for drama and acting and furthered her studies at AFDA Johannesburg, majoring in Live Performance, Screen and Stage. She performed her own written WordArt production titled The Islander (Almost African) at the Graduation Festival at AFDA Johannesburg in 2015.
Later that year she was nominated and won the award for Best Female Actress in a graduation film.
Vuyiswa is a strong advocate for African art, she involves to herself in different mediums such as theatre, visual arts, poetry and film.

In her spare time, she enjoys to write poetry and is also very talented in making art, she uses mediums like charcoal, paint, pen, water colours, and found material, as a multi-discipline artist her passion is expressing raw emotion and new ways of expressing her truth. She strongly believes in Carpe Diem (seize the day). 

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