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Toni Caprari

Toni Caprari

Artist Profile

Actor, Voice Over Artist, Singer


Date of Birth: 26 November 1960

Height: 1.85m  Hair: Brown  Eyes: Brown


Languages: English, Afrikaans, Basic Spanish (Lord of War, The Triangle)

Skills: Voice Over Artist, Singing, Lyricist, Acoustic & Bass Guitar, Vocal Range – bass/baritone. 4 octave incl. head voice, Accents, Musician, Motorcycling, Motorboating, Scubadiving, Fire Arms, Martial Arts, Sword Fighting


Toni was born in Johannesburg in 1960 and received formal acting, singing and vocal training from the  Pretoria Technicon. He is an accomplished actor and voice-over artist with a wide variety of skills such, singer, lyricist, acoustic & bass guitarist.  He also has Martial arts experience ? Jiu Jitsu.

His command of a wide range of accents (American Latino, Spanish, Italian, Scottish, Arabic, Russian) has distinguished him as a formidable voice artist. In 2006 the Lego Toys spot which he voiced received the Bronze Award in Cannes, France for Best radio commercial. In 1995 Toni was part of the play " Cuba and the Teddy Bear? which received the 1 st Quarterly Vita Award for Best Theatrical Production.  He was nominated in 1996 for the Artes in the category, Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama Series and in .            1997 he received a Vita Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Comedy Series.

His international feature film acting credits include: 10 000 BC (Narrated by Omar Shariff and directed by Roland Emmerich); Lord Of War (which starred Nicholas Cage, Jared Leto, Ethan Hawke and directed by  Andrew Nichols); Random Fire (with Pepper Sweeney and starring Toni Caprari, directed by Yossi Wein). In 2010  worked on Africa United (directed by Debs Gardner), Kidnap and Ransom (directed by Andy Wilson) and Atlantis in which he plays, Yidini.

Local features include: Triomf (directed by Michael Raiburn); Footskating 101 and Straight Out Of Benoni (both produced by Crazy Monkey);  Gums n Noses (directed by Craig Freimond);  Looking for Jesus (played the lead and directed by Justin Cohen); Leon Schusters Theres a Zulu on my Stoep (directed by Gray Hofmeyr).

Toni has worked on an extensive list of local and international television dramas including: The Adventures of Sinbad         (Canada: Alliance Atlantis); Tarzan  The Epic Adventures (USA:  Keller Siegel Enterprise); Tales of Mystery by Edgar A Poe      (UK: Dark Films); Tropical Heat/Sweating Bullets (Canada); Charlie Jade (Canada: Cinegroup); Triangle (Canada); Wild at Heart (UK: BBC  drama); Rough (UK Mini Series directed by Andy Wilson); Crusoe  (Moonlighting Canada).  Local series: The Visual Bible - Gospel of Matthew  (Visual International directed by Regard van den Bergh); Die Laxman (Scholtz Films); Arende 3 (C Films directed by Dirk de Villiers); It Rained Last Night (Scholtz Films); Villa Rosa  (Spectro).

 He currently lives and works in Johannesburg.

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