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Tertius Meintjes

Tertius Meintjes

Artist Profile

Actor, Presenter, Photographer, Writer


Height: 1.80m  Hair: Brown  Eyes: Green


Languages: Afrikaans, English

Skills: Photography, Writing, Singing




Tertius has 25 years experience in theatre, film and television. He studied BA Drama and Literature at the University of Pretoria and started working professionally in his second year. His theatrical highlights include Alan Strang in Equus for which he won a VITA Award for Best New-Comer and Dis Seker Die Honde which he wrote, directed and produced for the Grahmstown Festival. This production played to critical acclaim in Johannesburg. Tertius won a VITA Award for Best Actor in Jobman, a feature film directed by Oscar Nominated director Darryll James Roodt and Best Supporting Actor for his role opposite Whoopi Goldberg in Sarafina, also directed by Darryll James Roodt.

Other highlights in his career include playing opposite Martin Sheen in the Floating Outfit, opposite Kerry Fox in Friends and opposite Sydney Poitier and Michael Caine in Mandela and De Klerk. Tertius won the Best Script Award for M-NETs New Directions (The Pink Leather Chair)


After three years in a leading role in Isidingo (The number one daily drama in South Africa) and becoming a popular household name, Tertius decided it was time for a major change. Seeking a new challenge he returned to his first passion.

A mans work is little more than a journey through his life, in order to rediscover (through the detours of art), those two or three great but simple images that first found access to his heart. -Albert Camus

Photography and the nature of light was something that fascinated him from an early age. Growing up on a farm in a remote part of South Africa Tertius got his hands on a faded Basic Photography manual and a primitive box camera while rummaging through a pile of rubbish that his father was about to burn. He build his first primitive darkroom at the age of twelve and continued to explore the intriguing relationship between time and light, seeking to capture that single magical moment as reflected by the human condition, ever since.

Fours years ago, he went to Germany initially to shoot a commercial. Whilst there, he walked the streets of Berlin photographing whatever caught his eye. The head of the Goethe Institute got to see his photographs, liked them, and invited him to do a photographic project on Germany and so UNITED PEOPLE was born. This particular project grew to include photographing German as well as other European celebrities. He got offered a photographic assignment in Australia by a German television Channel, which took him to the east Coast of Australia and Sydney. He returned to Germany to continue on his United People project, traveling and doing a combination of reportage and celebrity/glamour photography. The work invitations came from Paris, Milan, Saint Tropez, Oslo, and Copenhagen, to mention a few. A particular agent liked his work and invited him to photograph Helena Christensen in New York and he landed up staying in Los Angeles for six months working as a glamour and celebrity photographer before returning to Germany to complete the United People project, before heading home to SA.

He is currently working on a photographic exhibition to be presented at The Goethe institute JHB.


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