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Stacey Norman

Stacey Norman

Artist Profile

Actress, Voice Artist, Radio Presenter, MC


Date of Birth: 17 October 1987

Height: 1.60m  Hair: Dark Brown  Eyes: Brown

Languages: English

Skills: Radio Presenting, Presenting, Producing, MC, Voice Over Artist


I was named after a character on Loving and I'm 30 years old. I've been an on air radio presenter for 11 years and a live TV presenter for two seasons of The Voice SA.

I hail from Cape Town and moved to Johannesburg in 2014 to host a day time show on 947. Before that I worked out of Kfm 94.5, hosting multiple shows including Stacey Norman Live which earned me a Radio Award nomination. I was subsequently simulcast to Johannesburg for two years before I moved up. A year later, I auditioned for the role of V-Presenter on The Voice SA. I wore a tutu and Converse and started production on that four months later. 
In between I started an online feature called #AskStacey as a way to bond with my radio listeners in a visual format. 

I'm off the cuff, kind of quirky, (I'd like to think) witty and more interested in the human connection than anything else. I've always produced my own radio shows so having an understanding of who is listening or watching is something I do well. 
While hosting The Voice, my job was to dig deep into the emotional state of the singers so viewers both at home and online could get to know them as people, not just contestants. The same thing applies during interviews with highly successful bands or people like you and me who want to add to the content I produce- I try to maximize the human element as opposed to rushing them on and off air. 

Now I work for East Coast Radio.

I'm great with people, enjoy wearing fake eyelashes and I don't need much direction. I so want to be part of something new and fresh and fun. A firm believer in "what's next?" and whatever is next, I'd love to be a part of it. 

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