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A tous les vents du Ciel now showing in France!


Thespians agent and actor Marnitz van Deventer is currently seen in the French film A Tous Les Vents du Ciel (Twisting Fate). He and another Thespian, Gideon le Roux plays opposite French actress Noemie Merlant in this beautiful film directed by Oscar-winning Christophe Lioud. 

Watch this space for the South African release!

Claire is 17 years old. With her family, she goes on holiday in South Africa when her family disappeared in an accident. By a twist of fate, she escapes the drama. In disarray, confident of being responsible for the death of her family and stunned by guilt, she ran away and decided that chance by which she survived now guides her life. Through her adventures and happy or tragic events, she burns the stages of life and realizes that she carries within her the strength to create her own destiny.

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