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Micia de Wet

Micia de Wet

Artist Profile

Actress, Director, Writer, Dancer


Date of Birth: 18 March 1991

Height: 1.55m  Hair: Blonde  Eyes: Blue/Green

Drivers License: Yes


Languages: English, Basic Afrikaans

Skills: Dancing, First Aid. Writing, Directing, Choreographing, Screenwriting, Teaching, Physical Theatre, Voice Artist


Micia is currently doing a MA Drama at the University of Pretoria’s Drama Department, and has obtained her Honours degree in Writing for Screen, Acting, Directing and Physical Theatre Studies. One of her career objectives is to constantly pursue an education that not only enriches her academic understanding of the industry but also allows her to become a competent performer and creator who consistently hones new and relevant skills. She has written, directed and starred in numerous theatrical productions and has been involved in various film projects.

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