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Matthew Gardner

Matthew Gardner

Artist Profile

Actor, Voice Artist, Sound Engineer


Date of Birth: 12 March 1988

Height: 1.76m  Hair: Brown  Eyes: Blue

Drivers License: Yes

Languages: English, Afrikaans, German (Basic)

Skills:Voice Artist, Actor, Model, Sound Engineer, Musical Instruments (Guitar, Piano), Accents (American, Afrikaans, Australian, Russian, British, Characters), Sport (Hockey, Cricket)


Since the young age of 16, Matthew pursued voice acting with no prior training but found an affinity for it, which naturally led him to do on screen acting as well on shows such as Scandal, roles in films such as My Father’s War and other screen appearances.

After graduating from the University of Johannesburg with a BA Psychology and Philosophy, he decided to study Sound Engineering at The Academy of Sound Engineering in Johannesburg. This path diverted him from acting for some time, but taught him numerous skills in addition to audio such as camera operating, floor managing, producing, presenting as well as voice recording and coaching for talent in studio. All of these combined have given Matthew a vast understanding of any type of set which makes him diverse in the knowledge of how an actor can fully contribute to a better final product.

As any real passion exists in a person’s character – acting has once more featured in his life and he is ready to take it on with new knowledge,  ambition and dedication to the craft. Watch this space. 

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