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Lara Botha

Lara Botha

Artist Profile



Date of Birth: 25 January 2001

Height: 1.75m  Hair: Copper  Eyes: Blue

Languages: Afrikaans, English, French

Skills: Dancing, Guitar (Electric, Acoustic), Directing, Sport (Running, Cycling, Swimming), Script writing



Lara Botha has always had a profound love of the fine arts. She believes that it is an immense honour to embody timeless and contemporary characters. Her love of the arts is also evident in her dancing and her guitar playing.

Lara is currently a scholar and enjoys learning about diverse cultures and the traditions surrounding them. This fact is made clear in her choice of subjects (French, history and dramatic arts). Lara converted to the idea of acting during a moving performance of Hamlet.

Since her decision to pursue acting, Lara has worked continuously to grow and gain experience in dramatic arts. She has been chosen to go to America twice for acting competitions. Lara won a scholarship for acting and runner-up for Best Teen Actress at AMTC as well as Best Actress, Best Film Actress and Best Director in her school - all within one year.

For Lara, the greatest pleasure in life is providing a stranger with a new perspective or an emotional change through her performances.

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