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Jana Fischer

Jana Fischer

Artist Profile



Date of Birth:24 May 1984

Height:1.71Hair: Blonde  Eyes: Green

Drivers License: Code B

Languages: Afrikaans, English

Skills: Horse Riding, Target Shooting, Guitar


Jana Fischer received her B-Tech Degree in Drama from the Tshwane University of Technology, where she specialised in Drama, Voice Training and Art of Movement.

During her studies she starred in various stage plays. Her proudest moments was when she was selected as the lead role for a KKNK production, Skimmespel in her third year. In her final year she starred in the well-known play Diepe Grond by Reza de Wet. She received substantial reviews for the excellent way she portrayed the role of ‘Soekie’, the female lead character.

After her studies she worked for a traveling theatre company where she would perform prescribed books for high school learners. She describes that as her more humbling time on stageNot long after that, a great opportunity surfaced when she was selected by Emirates Airlines to be part of their cabin crew. This was one of her dreams, to travel the world, and getting paid to do so. After a year and a half she missed her country and she decided to come back to South Africa to do what she loves most.

Upon her return; her acting career started with a bang with a very demanding role in a local soap Villa Rosa. Not long after, she got to star in the popular soap 7de Laan. But her most joyous time on set was when she was offered the role of Monique, the romantic female lead in the local series, Vallei van Sluiers. This was a hightlight in her career. Jana is always keen on taking on difficult roles where she can challenge herself. A great example of this was when she starred in the Afrikaans soap Binnelanders: she had to portray a wife who’s husband was dying of cancer and she wanted to use the method of euthanasia on him. This is the kind of storylines that she likes to take on and more so to educate the audience on the different perspectives to controversial subjects.

Jana is a mother and the wife of an entrepreneur and enjoys taking on business adventures with him. So when she is not acting she loves spending time with her family and to take part in their business projects.

Jana believes it is everyone’s duty to enrich lives and that’s why she is passionate about job creation.

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