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Inamari Schoonraad

Inamari Schoonraad

Artist Profile

Actress, Director, Writer


Date of Birth: 05 July 1989

Height: 1,62Hair: Dark Brown  Eyes: Dark Brown

Drivers License: EB (Code 8)


Languages: Afrikaans, English

Skills: Directing, Writing, Photography, Children’s Theatre, First Aid, Accents


Passionate, enthusiastic and unrelenting. This is Inamari’s approach to her career in the entertainment industry. From a very young age she was fascinated by stories. Whether in book, stage or screen form she was enthralled by the people and worlds that can spring to life from a creator’s mind. Very early on she knew she had to tell her own stories.

The plan was to move from her small hometown of Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province to “the big city” of… Pretoria. At the University of Pretoria she started studying Drama. Pretty soon she realized that acting wasn’t the only form of storytelling that she liked to engage in, so she obtained her Honours Degree in Drama and Film Studies and soon after started writing and directing plays.

Her debut play, Rot, had a run at Woordfees in 2015. And since then she has collaborated with many other artists either as performer, writer or director. 2015 was also the year she got her first taste of the silver screen by landing a recurring role in the Afrikaans soapie Binnelanders as Sonette, a disabled and destitute young woman. This was followed by a role in 7de Laan as Elsabé in 2016. She has also been in a commercial and enjoys the variety that these different mediums bring to her career.

Between work in the entertainment industry she is creating opportunities for herself where she can inspire, train and motivate young performers. She has been a writer and facilitator for ATKV Tienertoneel productions for 2 years, wherein her most recent play received critical acclaim.

She also enjoys voice work and has a keen interest in stage makeup, photography and guitar. Her love of languages is driving her to learn French.

Next on Inamari’s tick list of career goals includes writing a screenplay and directing a short film, an achievement she hopes to realise in 2018.

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