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Imke du Toit (CT)

Imke du Toit (CT)

Artist Profile

Actress, Dancer, Voice Artist


Date of Birth:24 September 1989

Height: 1.70m  Hair: Brown  Eyes: Hazel

Drivers License: Code 08

Languages: Afrikaans, English

Skills: Singing (Alto), Dancing (Ballet, Tap and Contemporary), Running, Accents (American, British, Irish)


Imke du Toit is an actress and dancer currently residing in Cape Town. She graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in theatre and performance; where she received the third year movement award as well as the fourth year bilingual acting award.

During her time in drama school, Imke had the opportunity to be a part of some great productions. Some of her more notable performances are: “Bernarda Alba” directed by Jacqui Singer; “The Table” directed by Christopher Weare; “Leonce and Lena” directed by Sandra Temmingh and “A Streetcar Named Desire” directed by Luke Ellenbogen.

In 2015, Imke played the role of Milly Jenkins in a play called " People Are Living There " by Athol Fugard; directed and adapted by Blythe Linger and Kathleen Stephens. The play was perfomed at the 2015 Grahamstown National Arts festival and at the Galloway Theatre in October 2015.

Imke's love of acting comes from her ability to delve into new worlds and characters.  The sense of heightened emotion, theatrical complexity and dramatic style involved with the characters, the texts and the audience has always given her a sense of freedom to soar. 

One of Imke's favourite aspects of acting, take Shakespeare for example, is the emotional connectedness between herself and the character on the page. This is where her love for dramatics started.  Shakespeare, in particular, allows Imke the opportunity to be bolder, bigger, allowing a larger emotional world,  which stimulates her as an actor to be bigger than herself.

Imke's passion for acting is exactly that, a passion. It comes from the chance to be in front of an audience, creating an alternative reality. This is the one place that she feels she can communicate; it is the place she feels most connected with herself, others and the world around her.

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