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Hemali Juta-Pillay

Hemali Juta-Pillay

Artist Profile

Actress, Voice Artist, MC


Date of Birth: 13 June 1972

Height: 1.50m  Hair: Black  Eyes: Brown

Drivers License: Yes

Languages: English, Gujarati (Basic), Hindi or Pashto (Basic), Afrikaans (Basic)

Skills: Voice Over Artist, Presenting, MC, Weapon Handling, Defensing, Public Speaking, Choreography, Dancing, Accents (Indian, British, American)




Hemali Juta-Pillay was born in Durban, South Africa. Her passion for acting and dance began at a very young age. Around the age of 7 she began her studies in Speech and Drama while briefly attending Indian dance classes and completing 4 years of Goju Karate. She completed Matric with Speech and Drama and remains a student of the Meisner acting technique.

She is also skilled in Krav Maga – a tactical combat system developed in Israel. Her training includes gun and knife disarms, defence and attack against committed and uncommitted knife and gun attacks, defence and attack against unexpected grabs, holds or chokes, Anti Hijack – Level 1, Anti Rape – Level 1.

Hemali’s first love is Indian music and Bollywood. She has choreographed and participated in several dance and theatre productions. She is energetic, versatile and enjoys presenting on camera. She also has a few voiceovers to her credit.

Her television credits include Fox’s Emmy Award winning series, Homeland, where she was asked to speak in Pashto. She also starred in the popular South African series, Isidingo where she played the lead prosecutor, followed by her role in Ihawu, a series about communities fighting for the rights of mineworkers in South Africa.

Her film credits include Mandela’s Gun directed by John Irvin where she played the role of popular anti apartheid icon, “Fatima Meer”. 


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