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Eric Uys (CT)

Eric Uys (CT)

Artist Profile

Actor, Stuntman


Date of Birth: 23 September 1977

Height: 1.83m Hair Colour: Ash Blonde Eye Colour: Blue

Drivers License: A and EB (Motor car with trailer and Motorcycle)

Website: www.ericuys.com

Languages: Afrikaans, English, Basic: French, German, Japanese

Skills: Accents (American, British, French, German, Eastern European, South African Afrikaner),Martial Arts Instructor (Ninjutsu, Combat & Special Forces), Stunt Work, Motorcycling, Horse Riding, Trampoline Work, Athletics, Tennis, Golf, Guitar, Firearm Handling: 9mm pistols, revolvers, Isreali UZI’s, AK-47’s, R1 & R4 assualt rifle’s, hunting rifles & shotguns



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