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Daniella Deysel

Daniella Deysel

Artist Profile

Actress, Presenter, Singer


Date of Birth: 07 May 1990

Height: 1.71m  Hair: Blonde  Eyes: Green

Drivers License: Code B


Languages: Afrikaans, English

Skills: Singing, Presenting, Physical Theatre. Puppetry, Accents: British Received Pronunciation, London Cockney, General American, Russian, Swiss-German, Indian, French, Australian, Yoga, Contemporary Dance, Capoeira, Aikido, Viola, Miming, Improvisation, Horse Riding



Born and raised in Namibia, Daniella exchanged her geography, physical science and biology textbooks for the stage, lights and make-up.

Graduating from the Drama Department at the University of Stellenbosch in 2011 offered her the best possible training in Stage and Physical Theatre, Cabaret, Puppetry, Yoga and Voice.  Daniella took part in student productions, children's interactive theatre productions and physical theatre productions such as:  Charlotte's Web,  Die Fluitspeler van Hamelin, The adventures of Lord McGuffin and Dark Sanctuary

Her love for writing, singing, comedy, cabaret and directing inspired her to write and produce her own Cabaret, Who's God is it Anyway?, under direction of Marthinus Basson,  at the H.B Thom theatre in Stellenbosch. In 2011 she also co-wrote and co-directed a stage production called Klavier (Die Dienaar), which had a successful run at the Klein Libertas and the Aan de Braak theatre in Stellenbosch in 2010. Daniella also received a Diploma in Television Acting and Presenting, presented by the well-renowned Elsabé Daneel in 2011.

Daniella moved to Johannesburg in 2012 in search of television, radio production and presenting opportunities and landed her first small role in Villa Rosa for KykNet in 2012.  Chris Chameleon offered and recorded her first voice job, that of Ingrid Jonker on his DVD, Klank van jou Oë in 2012. Later she also started doing backing vocals for Chris on one of his albums, Herleef.  She is now part of the Chameleon Porductions team where she does video-editing. Her latest project for 2014 is a stage musical production called Chris Chameleon en Drie Vriende,  where she is one of the guest performers on the show, performing a few songs with Chris who has composed her poetry.  They also launched an album together called Posduif, which is collection of her poetry composed by Chris Chameleon.

In her spare time Daniella leads a very active and green lifestyle, loves hiking and practises Yoga.  She is an excellent experimental cook and has had many a suitor in awe of her delicious, healthy, traditional and gluten-free cooking.  With her green fingers she has a vast knowledge of plant life along with herbs and their healing qualities.

Daniella has a bubbly personality, always positive, energetic, original, hard-working and with her acutely developed people skills she can adapt and fit into any role or environment. She is also a part-time promoter for a company called Event Stars.


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