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Christmas Mokone

Christmas Mokone

Artist Profile

Actor, Presenter, Voice Artist


Date of Birth: 19 February 1989

Height: 1.60m Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Drivers License: Yes

Languages: Sesotho, English, IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Setswana, Venda, Tsonga

Skills: Presenting, Voice Over Artist, Dancing



Born 19 FEBRUARY 1989.Matriculated 2009 at Thulani High school. In high school he took maths and science as his subjects but he was a very active child and he started doing acting,singing,dancing  as his extra activities at school and he also got his green belt for KARATE in 2007.He did a bit of dance in high school and he went to audition for a dance movie called HEAR ME MOVE and he made it until top 5. The teachers discovered his talent from primary school that’s when they took him to a performing school for Saturday classes; the school was an organisation for kids to grow their talent. He went there from 2004 to 2008, he was performing for international stars like Oprah winfrey, Chris Tucker, Brad pitt and the NBA stars. He got a trophy for cheerleading in 2004.

Christmas continued with his career in high school he wanted to go to NSA but due to financial issues he couldn’t but he didn’t give up so he did community theatre with his friends and he performed for many different schools he always got good critics from teachers and students every after his performance. In 2008 he got a Gold medal for a best actor and also a certificate for music. In 2009 he went to perform at the market Theatre with his group then the group was nominated to go perform provincial. He also performed at Wits theatre and Pretoria theatre in year 2011 with QUEEN E ,3 SUM AND ENTOURAGE. HE received a cameo role on SABC 1 Drama in the year 2008 called THISA.

He played a small role of a journalist in “Generations” from the year 2009-2013 he got featured on “Rhythm City” in the years 2009 and 2011, playing a role of a refuge. Featured in three “Ekasi our stories” in the years 2011 and 2014.he went to audition for SCANDAL in 2014 and he got the role playing as detective. In his first year (2013) he was featured in six AFDA film productions. In his second year (2014) he featured in eight AFDA films and TV show, he also did a live show as a location presenter. In second year (2014) he received the award of “best actor” for stage and screen at AFDA in the year (2014)also featured in five third year films in (2015 in one semester)he went to audition for the ETV drama called Skroef No Sexy  and he got the role playing as Voris. he participated in theatre work, such as performing in a piece called  “Miss Julie” and “Sizwe Banzi” in the year 2014.

He also performed a piece called Macbeth and he got a special mentioned as a best performer for that play. Currently he is busy with his Grad films and stage pieces learning American accent.

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