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Carlos Williams

Carlos Williams

Artist Profile

Actor - Johannesburg


Carlos is an aspiring actor, specializing in theatre. He is best known for his role as Black in ‘Youth League’ by Naledi winning Stephen Kotze and John from Athol Fugard’s ‘The Island’. Carlos’ training has been championed by the likes of Camilla Waldman, Greg Homann, Justin Strydom and most notably David Dennis. He is currently working the up and coming David Smith film ‘Courage’. He recently starred as Vincent in Darren Parker’s film ‘Invisible’ and played Malvolio in AFDA’s experimental production of ‘Twelfth Night’. He looks forward to kick starting his career next year, striving to feature alongside his role models: Anthony Coleman and Lionel Newton who he believes to be the two forerunners for theatre and film in the South African entertainment industry.

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