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Bartho van Tonder

Bartho van Tonder

Artist Profile

Actor, Presenter


Date of Birth: 14 October 1983

Height: 1.87m  Hair Colour: Light Brown  Eye Colour: Blue


Languages: Afrikaans, English

Skills: Accents, Violin, Piano, Sport, Juggling



Bartho van Tonder was born in Johannesburg and made his first appearance in television at age seven, when he was asked by one of his mother's friends to play a  boy Superman in a short clip for one of her kids programs. With no calls or Oscar nominations forthcoming after this courageous five second appearance, he decided to be proactive and when he was sixteen took extra mural acting classes close to his home in Linden, Johannesburg. He also had Drama as a subject in his Matric year at Stithians College in Randburg, where he was involved in the school play Agamemnon.

With his acting career seemingly wavering, he went on to study law at Stellenbosch University, and was admitted as an attorney in May 2009. But during the course of his studies, he did an introductory course for film acting at film school Act Cape Town, and modelled for the promotion of a Woolworths Store opening in Stellenbosch Square. With his passions reigniting, after completing his studies he did another course at the Screen Actor's Studio under Canadian director Tony Perris and received some voice training from Aletta Bezuidenhout.

He finished his legal qualification in Nelspruit, and pursuing deeper horizons, went to the UK and did a film acting course at the London Academy for Film, Media and Television. He then worked part time as a Pub Quizmaster, and was involved in various short films, music videos and corporate recordings in and around London.

Bartho returned to South Africa in 2010, and also a keen writer, looks forward to what he believes is a significant era in the art industry, hopes to be part of an exciting process of its expansion in the unique South African cultural ecosystem, for it to grow in stature, flourish in fervency, and with some focus and fortune, draw greater recognition.

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