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Adriana Faling

Adriana Faling

Artist Profile

Actress, Author, Adjudicator, Singer


Date of Birth:13 November 1976

Height: 1.61m Hair: Red Eyes: Blue

Drivers License: Yes

Languages: English, Afrikaans, Dutch (limited)

Skills: Writing, Singing, Piano (Basic), Presenting



Adriana studied a Drama degree at the University of Pretoria where she acted out several stage parts and worked for Radio Tuks, doing interviews and reading the news.

She has been professionally involved in the entertainment industry since 1997. Her acting career started with the part of ‘Tessa’ in Egoli – Place of Gold. She continued with her television career as a freelance actress, playing the part of ‘Dot’ in Onder draai die duiwel rond 2 in 2001 and ‘Ans’ in Song vir Kartryn in 2002. She was seen on KykNet as the romantic lead ‘Claudette’ in the telenovela Hart van Staal in 2005/2006. The unbalanced character ‘Nanette’ that she portrayed in the hospital series Binnelanders in 2007/2008 was also a highlight. 

In 2013 she was seen as ‘Zelda’ in the drama series Geraamtes in die Kas for SABC 2. She shocked viewers with her portrayal of the mentally ill mother who suffered from Münchausen Syndrome by proxy. Adriana thereafter portrayed the part of ‘Irma Theunissen,’ the sympathetic mother of a pregnant teenage daughter in 7de Laan, an Afrikaans Soap Opera in 2014.

From 2000-2008 she has been writing and performing film-, TV- and stage-reviews on a weekly basis for Radio Pulpit and a number of magazines. She also did several inserts for TV journal programs Soeklig, In Pas, Kwêla, Heartbeat and Geloof, Hoop en Liefde.

Adriana is always a keen writer and in 2002 she won the first and third price in the NALN National short story writing competition. Lux Verbi published her first full length Afrikaans Novel, Rewolusie van die Hart in 2014.

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